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Why a Lighthouse

Lighthouse Capital Planners uses a lighthouse in our name and as our company symbol for some very specific and important reasons, which relate to our philosophy in the financial planning process and our understanding of the economy.  A lighthouse guides and informs ships of landmarks that help in navigating to a destination. A lighthouse warns of dangerous hazards in the water, both seen and unseen. A lighthouse offers guidance and safety. 

At Lighthouse Capital Planners, the Lighthouse is a symbol of the way to progress forward while helping to navigate through rough waters. Few symbols speak of safety and security in the face of adversity and challenge quite the way a lighthouse does.

We have learned over the years that a well thought out financial plan can help navigate life’s challenges and aid in a successful arrival to a financial destination. We help individuals and businesses through the use of proven financial planning principles in addition to our understanding demographics and how they affect economies.

Having an understanding of our economy goes a long way in creating a well thought out financial plan. Incorporating both gives us a greater ability to be proactive in the planning process, rather than reactive.  This can help create a greater feeling of peace and security for our clients.

Please contact us so we can provide you with an essential individualized financial plan relative to the real world economy through demographics. This can make the difference in your ability to enjoy a proactive, and enjoyable financial life.